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PTO/Vacation Policy - Unused Hours Due to COVID-19

28 Aug 2020 2:09 PM | Anonymous member

Hello - 

We are exploring options for updates to our PTO Policy. I'm looking for new and unique ideas for unused but accrued PTO hours. Some ideas that have been thrown on the table are creating an employee PTO donation program, paying out accrued unused hours towards their 401(k), allowing up to 40 hours of carry over, but losing everything else unused, etc. What does your company do? What exceptions, if any, has your company made due to COVID-19 and having potential increased unused vacation/PTO?


  • 28 Dec 2020 4:03 PM | Anonymous member
    We allowed 40 hours to carry over to 2021 and encouraged employees to schedule PTO so they wouldn't lose any.
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