Types of Membership

Annual membership dues: 

November 1st – April 30th: $60.00 (National SHRM Member) & $65.00 (Non-National SHRM Member)

May 1st – October 31st: $30.00 (National SHRM Member) & $33.00 (Non-National SHRM Member)



  • Individuals actively engaged in bona fide human resource function, faculty members teaching in the area of human resource management, full-time human resource consultants or attorneys practicing in human resource law, or individuals who are actively engaged in providing a service specifically related to human resource management activities in an organization.
  • 50% of the job duties need to be a direct function of Human Resources. National SHRM membership is strongly encouraged.
  • Professional members shall have voting rights and may hold office. Individuals who are unemployed but whose most recent positions consisted of a bona fide human resource function are eligible.


  • Individuals who do not meet the Professional requirements but have a bona fide interest in meeting the membership requirements of the Professional category described above.
  • Active attendance at meetings and participation on committees are strongly encouraged.
  • Associate members shall have voting rights but may not hold office.


  • Any Professional in good standing at the time of retirement may request Honorary membership by the vote of the Board of Directors or be offered Honorary membership by the Board of Directors.
  • Honorary members shall not have voting rights and may not hold office.

Student Members:

  • Individuals who are (a) enrolled either as full-time or part-time students, at freshman standing or higher; (b) enrolled in the equivalent of at least six (6) credit hours; (c) enrolled in a four-year or graduate institution and/or a consortium of these or a two-year community or technical college with a matriculation agreement between it and a four-year college or university which provides for automatic acceptance of the community or technical college students into the four-year college or university; (d) able to provide verification of a demonstrated emphasis in human resource management subjects, and (e) able to provide verification of the college or university’s human resources or related degree program.
  • Student members shall not have voting rights and may not hold office.
  • While enrolled as a full-time college student you are able to obtain a Green Bay Area Chapter – SHRM member FREE of charge!  When you complete the online application, in the ‘job title’ section – please list STUDENT.

Membership is contingent on the approval of the Board of Directors of the Green Bay Area Chapter – SHRM.

Please note that chapter members are not to be openly solicited for business.  To view the Green Bay Area Chapter SHRM Non-Solicitation policy, please click here (.doc).


Please note that membership dues are collected on a calendar year basis.

Members that join and pay membership dues from November 1st – December 31st will not be required to pay additional dues at the start of the following calendar year.